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Louis the Superfly


The superfly is back and trying his best to catch up on some history… To be totally honest I’m like 3 months behind on this blog! :o(

Anyhow, this is a bit of a post mortem of Christmas 2006… Enjoy!

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The Superfly has landed!

It’s been a few months in the making, but I’ve finally gotten a basic windsurfing rig together! I have to tell you all that there’s a bit of history here. When I arrived in New Zealand just over 7 months ago I was invited to a product launch at a prospective employer. One of the attendees, a aging fellow, enquired as to why I would ever want to live in Wellington. (A little later I came to understand that there is a “friendly” animosity between Auckland and Wellington. Auckland being the financial hub and largest city in New Zealand but Wellington being the prettier of the two sisters, and the govermental capital at that!) Anyway, this Aucklander seemed close to being offended that I, a fresh immigrant dared to pick Wellington over Auckland. For lack of a response I told him as tactfully as humanly possible… “Well sir, I’m quite an adventurous person and love windsufing… It would make sense to live in a windy city if I was planning on doing lots of windsurfing, doesn’t it?”

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Time for another road trip hey!? Well, this one is worthy of the term, “air trip” and hereby I don’t mean breathing on “medicated” air to get “trippy” at all!

I’ve just arrived back from a 2 week holiday in South Africa. Yes it’s my country of birth and I know that very rarely counts as a holiday but I had so much fun that it had to be a holiday! (I spent time with most of the people reading this blog in those 2 weeks) Now if I didn’t get to see you in that time, be sure that I wished I could but time was very limited! Come visit me whenever you have a chance!

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White, pure, feathersoft, bone-breaking hard, blinding, cold, wet, winter… All these nouns would do well do describe snow. A month ago 2 friends and I hit the snow-clad slopes of mt Ruapehu for the fist time and added “andrenalised, fun, laughter, joy and pain” to the list of nouns describing snow!

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What a place!

This post contains more photo’s so it might take longer than usual to download. 🙂

I truly wish you all could se this city through my eyes. No really! Wellington is a full-on city, well, a first world city… Skyscrapers, hundreds of coffee shops and restaurants, open air malls, harbour waterfront, suburbs… aaannnddd Rivers, forest covered hills, beaches, natural bays, did I mention beaches? Oh yea… If a city needed lots of violent crime to be called a city, Wellington would be a town… or anything else. The type of crime South Africans take in stride as normal parts of life does not exist here and the locals are absolutely horrified at news reports coming from South Africa. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

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And so I hit a healthy 26… When my 21st birthday came around I was in the Netherlands and never ever thought I would even visit New Zealand and here I am… Enjoying my 26th in Wellington!

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